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Group buys are similar to pre-orders in that money is collected upfront, and then a bulk-purchase order is made with the manufacturer. Any estimated fulfillment timeline is just that, an estimate. Checker Boards is not responsible for any manufacturer misses their production timeline. We will do our best to ship your item(s) as soon as they are available. 

Due to the nature of the Group Buy process, cancellations are generally not accepted but will be given out on a case by case basis. If a cancellation is accepted, the total reimbursement will exclude a 3% processing fee. 

Any Group Buy items which do not meet MOQ will be issued a complete refund.

Group Buy spots can not be transferred to another person. If you'd like to transfer your spot, you must do so once you receive the item. Checker Boards will only ship GB items to the original purchaser. 
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